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Freedom and equality in a world full of identities and identifications.

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I contribute to freedom and equality through education, presentations and consultancy on human rights and inclusive narratives. I facilitate experiences of freedom and equality, through trainings, workshops and storytelling.


I educate, consult, speak and write on human rights issues and inclusion. The aim of my services is to contribute to (experiences of) freedom and equality.

My services concern human rights law, human rights discourses, human rights education, and inclusive narratives. In fulfilling my services, I take (historically grown) identities, identifications and related socializations, negotiations and power relations seriously. They often directly or indirectly deal with the Human Question and issues such as racism, sexism, classism, and other -isms.

My services are worldwide in the languages English or Dutch.

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My name is Lisenne or how close friends and family call me, Zenne. I am an educator, lawyer and storyteller.

As a trained human rights lawyer, I am specialized in human rights law, human rights discourses, and human rights education. More specifically related to human rights at the United Nations, the Council of Europe and within the Kingdom of the Netherlands (thus including the Caribbean). As the name ‘Je suis Zenne’ suggests, when dealing with human rights I take (historically grown) identities and identifications seriously. Read more…


Feel free to contact me if you have any question related to human rights law, human rights discourses or human rights education related to freedom and equality!

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