In a World Full of Identities and Identifications

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As a lawyer and multidisciplinary researcher I teach and give consultations about freedom, identities and identifications, in relation to human rights, equality and justice.

As speaker, writer and moderator I am involved in projects about freedom and related to diversity and inclusion in storytelling, such as in the arts, science and other forms of knowledge production.


I educate, consult, speak, write and moderate on the topic of freedom in a world full of identities and identifications. The aim of my services is to contribute to (experiences of) freedom, equality and justice.

My services concern human rights law, human rights discourses, human rights education. They also include inclusive narratives (storytelling) in the arts, science and other forms of knowledge production. In fulfilling my services, I take identities, identifications and related socializations, negotiations and power relations seriously. The subjects are often directly or indirectly related to issues such as human dignity and equality, and racism, sexism, classism, and other -isms.

I offer my services worldwide online and in person in the languages English and Dutch.

About the Services


I am an educator, consultant and storyteller on the topic of freedom.

I have a doctoral degree in human rights law and I am a cum laude human rights and constitutional law graduate. Currently, I am an assistant professor in constitutional law at Tilburg University. Furthermore, I am involved in different projects related to human rights law, and inclusive storytelling in the arts, science and other forms of knowledge production. As the name ‘Je suis Zenne’ suggests, I take identities and identifications seriously in my work ánd in daily live. Read more…


Feel free to contact me if you want me to educate, consult, speak, write or moderate on the topic of freedom, identities and identifications!

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