Education, consultation and storytelling.


What: written and in person consultations.

For whom: NGO’s, political parties, companies, litigating parties, different human rights actors.

Past projects include: contribution to the shadow report of the Nederlands Juristen Comité voor de Mensenrechten (NJCM), consultation for Greenpeace, consultation for The Black Archives.

Book Lisenne


What: talks, lectures, guest classes, workshops and educational material.

For whom: universities, primary and secondary schools, NGO’s, political parties, companies, cultural organisations and media.

Past projects include: Four Freedoms educational book, Liefde in Crisistijd podcast, guest lectures at the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, workshop at The Triangle in Curaçao, guest classes at ASHV secondary school in Curaçao, knowledge session with the educational staff of the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, keynote for Caribbean Ties at the Museon, presentation for a political party.

Book Lisenne


What: talks, interviews, moderation, blogs, articles.

For whom: artistic and cultural organisations, media.

Past projects include: moderation for Patricia Kaersenhout’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Too at de Appel, interview with Philomena Essed for Big Ideas, Bai Bin podcast, interview for the University College Roosevelt in Middelburg.

Book Lisenne

Our identities and identifications have an effect on the freedom we allow for ourselves and others. This true when we look at what human rights are and how they are shaped. It is also true when we look at our daily lives.

I am referring to race, gender, sexual, national identities etc., and the ways in which these intersect. I am also referring to identities and identifications such as being a mother, being a child, or being for example a perfectionist. They are all related to our ideas of what a human being is and what a (good) human being ought to be. And with that they are related to our understandings of truth and reality.

As a lawyer and multidisciplinary researcher I teach and give consultations about the following topics: human rights law, human rights discourses, human rights education, identities and identifications, and knowledge production. Either or not related to the United Nations, Council of Europe or the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands).

As speaker, writer and moderator I am involved in projects related to diversity and inclusion in different types of storytelling. Think of storytelling through the arts such as in books and theater, and artistic and cultural organisations such as museums.

In all my endeavours I take as a departing point the idea of becoming. It is where freedom lies.

I offer my services in English and Dutch.