The most important thing your parents or guardian have taught you … makes up your core value

– Femi Meaux

What is the most important thing your parents have taught you, that you carry with you since your youth?

It was the first question on the form that Femi Meaux handed out during their session for the #LTSBS clinic. I knew right away what I was going to write down:

‘Everyone is equal, but not everyone is treated equally.’

I have always carried that message with me. It reminds of social injustices that are still with us in the world. It’s kind of like the opposite of Orwell’s ‘everyone is equal but some are more equal’, which to me exerts some kind of unjust acceptance of the status quo.

This message put some sort of burden on me. Like a responsibility to bring about change.

It is why I studied human rights law instead of biochemical sciences. It is why I’m fascinated with how human beings treat each other differently based on identities: who we think someone (including the self) is.

But at the clinic, when I wrote down the core message, I felt something different. As if a shift had happened. And, let me try to put it into words…: As if I came to realize that it is just a core believe. One of the building stones of my identity. Not more, not less than that.

I felt lighter. Less attached, I could say. I smiled, and I then chose for that core message to be my core value.

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