About Lisenne

Je suis Zenne, educator, lawyer and storyteller.

I am a cum laude human rights law graduate of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Both during and after my studies I worked at several law offices, governmental departments and volunteered for NGO’s, in the Netherlands, Curaçao and Brazil.

What humans make of human rights law.

Being trained as a positivist legal scholar (basically understanding law only in legal terms) did not satisfy my longings to better understand socio- economic and political injustices and inequalities in the world. This is why I started working on a multidisciplinary dissertation on human rights education. It gave me the opportunity to specialize in the role of historicity, identity, identifications, negotiations, power, and knowledge production.

This contributed to my understanding of law as ‘what humans make of human rights law’. It also made me better understand the relations between human rights and the struggle against racism, sexism, classism, other -isms and climate change. I see human rights as a changing and contested site which has possibilities to contribute to freedom and equality. In contrast to positivist legal scholars, I take this knowledge into account in consulting, educating, speaking or writing on human rights law and human rights issues.

Freedom and equality.

I take seriously the role of identities, identifications and power relations in human rights issues. Because my aim is to contribute to experiences of freedom and equality, I am therefor invested in inclusive storytelling and knowledge production as they affect the ways in which people do or do not have access to equal rights. In this context I take consciousness, embodied knowledge, experiential knowledge, and the everyday seriously. They can namely offer ways out of ‘normalized’ or ‘naturalized’ injustices and inequalities in the world.

Former projects, teaching, key notes and moderated discussions.

Former projects included consultation on human rights law for NGO’s such as Greenpeace the Netherlands, and individuals. I also taught constitutional law and human rights law at the University of Curaçao and the University of Amsterdam. I was a human rights guest lecturer in secondary schools and during summer schools in the Netherlands and Curaçao. I also delivered key notes and moderated discussions on race, gender, national identities, equality, freedom and heritage for museums such as Museon in the Hague, and art projects such as Patricia Kaersenhout’s Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner Too. Online I write stories about every day reflections on related issues.

  • Education:
    Lectures and courses at universities, guest classes at primary and secondary schools, workshops for NGO’s and GO’s.
  • Consultations:
    Written and in person consultations for NGO’s and GO’s.
  • Speaking and writing:
    Keynotes, lectures, moderation, articles, blogs.

Feel free to contact me if you want me to give a keynote, talk, workshop or moderate an event for your organization.